Nicola Sturgeon clears way for SNP MPs to back second EU referendum

Nicola Sturgeon says the SNP will back a second referendum on the final Brexit deal

-SNP leader said the SNP will vote for another referendum if it goes to Parliament

-Remainers are hoping to reverse the referendum by giving the UK another vote

-Ex Brexit Minister Steve Baker said SNP must respect result of the referendum

Nicola Sturgeon today said the SNP will back a second Brexit referendum vote if it comes to Parliament.

The Scottish First Minister’s comments come as Remainers ramp up their campaign to try to stop Brexit as the talks head into their final crunch weeks.

Anti-Brexit campaigners at the People’s Vote organisation immediately seized upon her comments this morning as proof their campaign is gaining momentum.

Nicola Sturgeon clears way for SNP MPs to back second EU referendum

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show this morning, Ms Sturgeon said she would expect her 35 SNP MPs to back a vote for another referendum if it went to Parliament.

“No doubt the calls for a second referendum would grow in those circumstances. I’ve said before we’d not stand in the way of a second referendum, a so-called People’s Vote, I think the SNP MPs would undoubtedly vote for it.”

She went on to say that the party would want to talk to allies about how Scotland would avoid finding itself in a position where the outcome of a new referendum forced it to leave the EU, regardless of whether Scottish voters had backed such a move.

It came after the Westminster leader of the SNP, Ian Blackford, said Scotland must have the right to vote on independence for a second time should there be a similar renewed vote on Brexit.

Mr Blackford said the country should not be forced into accepting the result of any second Brexit referendum should Scotland again vote to remain but the majority of the UK vote to leave.

Nearly 52 per cent of those voting in the UK cast their ballot to leave in the 2016 referendum, but all 32 voting areas in Scotland had a majority for remain.

Mr Blackford told The Observer: “We have to have the protection of knowing that if the UK has a second vote [on Brexit] and we end up in the same situation as we had in 2016, we would be able to determine our own future.

“That would be only right and proper. There has to be the right for Scotland to call a second referendum on independence.”

A YouGov poll of the SNP’s members showed on Sunday that an overwhelming majority not only support a People’s Vote on the outcome of Brexit negotiations, but also want the party’s 35 MPs in Westminster to give their positive backing for such a proposal.

The poll shows that the party’s grassroots would support staying in, rather than leaving the European Union, by a margin of 93 to 7 per cent, excluding “don’t knows”, if they were given the chance.

A spokeswoman for the People’s Vote campaign said: “There is growing support in every part of the UK to give voters the democratic opportunity to cancel Brexit, and the SNP and people of Scotland have a crucial role to play to cleaning up a mess that is not of their making.

“On this crucial issue Nicola Sturgeon is showing she is a political leaders who listens to her voters – who back a People’s Vote by a margin of more than four to one – and also her party’s members who are shown by our poll today to support giving the public a final say by an even bigger margin.

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