Corbyn says Labour will use foreign aid billions to spread feminist ideals across the globe

LEFTY AID Labour call for £13bn foreign aid budget to be handed to left-wing groups to tackle ‘global elite’

-Labour will create UK’s first ‘explicitly feminist’ international development policy

-This included spending £9million on Ethiopia’s version of the Spice Girls, Yegna

-Mr Corbyn would oppose privatisation, push for a global wealth tax and ‘tackle the root causes of inequality’

Unveiling plans for a radical shake up of development, Labour demanded that a fortune be handed to activists promoting “alternative economic models”.

And it would also commit to transfer power away from the aid industry and back into the “hands of people and communities”.

Labour would stick by the Government’s target of spending 0.7 per cent of national income on aid.

But the cash would go to reducing inequality, promoting feminism and “taking bold action on the global economy rigged in favour of elites.”

Jeremy Corbyn said: “International development budgets can do more than just reduce the worst symptoms of an unfair world.

“We don’t have to accept the world that global elites are building for us.

“Let’s help people around the world be more powerful and make their societies fairer – and in the process make our planet more safe, more just and more sustainable.”

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